Dry Stone Hut from La Mancha (Spain) by FranciscoGarciaRios

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A rustic and ethnographic small stone building, typical of La Mancha fields, located between Mahora and Valdeganga towns (Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain), representing a more sophisticated evolution from traditional “cucos”, whose role was to provide adequate temporary shelter to shepherds and field workers against the weather as well as store their tools.

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“Cabaña de piedra de La Mancha”
Una rústica y etnográfica pequeña construcción de piedra, típica de los campos manchegos, entre las localidades albaceteñas de Mahora y Valdeganga, y que representa una más sofisticada evolución de los tradicionales cucos, cuyo cometido era el de servir de refugio a los pastores y trabajadores del campo para refugiarse de los rigores del clima y guardar sus aperos.

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The Morning light by AaronChoiPhoto

Sunrise light through the hills of Longji rice terrace in guangxi province, China. The village perched on top is Tiantouzhai. Watching the sunrays move through the these rice terrace hills was truly an awe-inspiring experience 🙂

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The Dragon Village by AaronChoiPhoto

– Dazhai, Guangxi, China –
A small village located in the heart of longji rice terrace in guangxi region of China. It is amazing to see small villages tucked well into the valleys filled with rice terraces. It must have taken the villagers generations to fully turn these mountains and hilltops into farms, and even creating a irrigation system to pump the water up to the top of the mountain. The village reminded me of what humans could accomplish if we put our minds to it.

– Manarola, Italy –
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