Piercing the Darkness by StefanHefele

The benefits of recent years in 160 seconds:
Stefan Hefele Landscape Photography

“Piercing the Darkness” – Northern Norway in a moonlit winternight

Many thanks to all who live this great dream with me and go through all the ups and downs.

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Into the Wild by StefanHefele

“Into the Wild” – Gloomy Dolomits

“While I was standing on the edge with an infinite depth in front of me I felt the last warmth of light on my skin while the cold shadows slowly spread and the darkness covered the monumental landscape like a veil.”

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B R I C K S by SaWagner1

Detail of an old building in Speicherstadt Hamburg (warehouse district) . You can see there a lot of those details.
Ein Ausschnitt von einem Gebäude der Hamburger Speicherstadt. Dort kann man eine Menge solcher Details entdecken.

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