Breath of life by bellakotak


A portrait introducing Scarlet, the newest addition to my In Bloom series.

I’ve been mulling for the past few months about what this project means to me, what am I trying to express and what direction would I like it to go in. Until now I feel as though I’ve let it flow, a dream of fairytales and flowers. I’d only just begun to contemplate the addition of a new character, perhaps a younger self, an older evolution, or even a child… and that’s when I met Scarlet. A sign if I ever saw one.

Since this shoot I’ve been feeling so inspired that I can barely sleep. Ideas for new pictures jotted on various papers spilling across my desk. It’s an exciting time!

Anyway I hope you like this portrait! I’ll be announcing a print giveaway next week, so watch out for that!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Model – Scarlet
Skin retouching – Solstice Retouch


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Woods of Dreams by StefanHefele

“Woods of Dreams” – Azores

Even forests have their own magical charisma on the Azores. The thick soft and mossy ground combined with the fresh vegetation makes it very unique. I explored this woods while discovering some remote mountainous parts of Sao Miguel.

The benefits of recent years in 160 seconds:
Stefan Hefele Landscape Photography

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~ We’re wear the Red diapers ~ by FuYiChen

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鳥類名稱 Bird Name: Hooded Pitta. | 綠胸黑頭八色鳥 / We’re wear the Red diapers | 我們包紅色尿布
學名 Scientific Name: Pitta sordida. 科名 Family:八色鶇科(Pittidae) 八色鶇屬(Pitta)
圖像大小 Image Size : 4912 x 3264 pixel

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Autumn Gold by LisaHolloway



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~ Yellow-throated Bunting ~ by FuYiChen

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鳥類名稱 Bird Name:Yellow-throated Bunting. | 黃喉鵐 (♀)
學名 Scientific Name: Emberiza elegans. 科名 Family:鵐科(Emberizidae) 鵐屬(Emberiza)
圖像大小 Image Size : 3872 x 2592 pixel

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The taste of the mountains by ManuelMartin1972

During our vacation in the Alps, we take a few small hikes with a horde of children. Friends of ours were with their children also in the mountains, and that meant „Obligation for all children to hike with me“ he he he 🙂 It was clear that the children had been overjoyed to be outdoors but they were also running around completely headless. I told the children again and again „Don’t run, it can be dangerous. You have to walk, because there is the dangerous of having twisted an ankle!“. And indeed, after shouting out 2’740 times they finally listen to me he he he 😉 With one small exception! Through the running all the time around and the loud laughter of the children our dog was also animated to do the same. And unfortunately I have never mastered the language of dogs. Before I could take Giorgio on a leash … it happened, what had to happen. Result: An ankle was a bit twisted!!! Well, it was not so bad and we still could admire the beautiful scenery in front of us which I was able to shoot after lunch!

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Small Trunk Bridge by williammevissen

Small Trunk Bridge in the forest of estate ‘Landgoed Geijsteren’ (Geijsteren, Noord-Limburg, Netherlands).

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