December Storm by Mark_Lawson

An evening electrical storm sweeping through the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.

Multiple long exposures taken over a period of 45minutes.

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Armageddon by JulienFolcher

The sunset last night was just incredible, a thunderstorm started only a few minutes before the beginning of the blue hour. I could only set up my tripod on my balcony and try to capture this amazing moment.

This image is a stack of 5 x 50 sec exposures to get all the lightning bolts I was able to capture in a single image.

I don’t know what else to say to describe this moment except it was just amazing and the image I was able to capture doesn’t give it justice. I don’t think I will see one of those again anytime soon…

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Magic Winter Panorama by YuriFineart

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Taken in the winter of 2014 on a bridge in Basel, Switzerland. I was just walking around with my camera trying to find some beautiful winter shots since the whole city was snow covered and beautiful. I went on my icy trip through the city and found some beautiful scenes but when i walked over the bridge I found my favourite shot of the day, the small ferry was just crossing over and happened to be in the perfect place of the frame. I am really happy with the way the picture turned out, the snowflakes, the transition from the sharp front to the hazy and faded background which add a lot of dynamic and depth to the picture…


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Fishmarketbridge at the port of Hamburg with a view on river Elbe at night /

Fischmarktbrücke im Hamburger Hafen mit Blick auf die Elbe bei Nacht

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Icon by JulienFolcher

Long exposure shot of the Sydney opera house. The boats moving at different speeds really made the photo.
The blur in the sky was increased in post.

Please view on black background (H)

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