No.361 – Wash by neilhamiltonphotography

Number 361 of my 365 photo challenge – A cross-processed and split-toned, long exposure, landscape image of the rocky coastline at Portknockie in Moray, Scotland just before sunset on a lovely, clear day.

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The Happy Comeback Sunset. by rusphotostudio

Well before the end of year back to my Seascape been a wild not posting hope my Return its great to amazing Captures Again i cant wait to diplay more and more thanks Rus.

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Three Cliffs Bay Magic by axle88

April British Landscape Photography Workshop

I’ve been amazed by this location since I saw it for the first time on a documentary long time ago, so I’ve decided that this place should be on my portfolio! Everything was perfect by the long planning that took place before the actual travel from London to the Gower Peninsula. The weather wasn’t the best one, but for the sunrise some clouds would have been just on the right place to get the shot. Planning is the most important part on my photography and I enjoy every part of it.

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Intimate Force Rays by rusphotostudio

Description Over Beautiful And Contrast Always Looking in Any Light i can Submit No matter what its the Reason Composition as well and technique Forever.Love To shoot New Places All times no matter what can Happend.

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Solaris by Chiotas

A bottle of wine, an epic sunset and awesome friends…what else?
An unforgettable evening at Petit Minou lighthouse, Brittany (France)

Join us for a new adventure! Workshop in Liguria – Marzo 2016 – Italian Edition!

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