Ray of the Summer by bulkington23

This is my first fireworks photo taken in 2015.

This shot might look a composite work, but it isn’t. Just taken by one shot. Camera setting is below:

ISO: 64
f : 8.0
SS: 4.7

Please press “M” button, and enjoy the detail!

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GoT – Seafire (Crazy Trip Spot#4) by AlexGaflig

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The next stop of Cludes Tomato and me was Dubrovnik in Croatia. Driving down the coast was very beautiful, found some hidden beaches at the coast and it’s a wonderful area. Still impressed (especially as a german) how clean everything was in Croatia, the streets, the cities, the restaurants and toilets 😀
We arrived in Dubrovnik, but we did’nt see the old town first, so we thought “where is this thing everyone is talking about” Then we walked a bit around and found the impressive old town, completely sorrounded by walls! What a cool place! Of course much more touristic then the other places we’ve been but really super beautiful.
There are some mai streets in the old town with typical little side-streets with a loooot of stairs, and cafes+bars on it! Be fit for a walk in the city 😀 Dubrovnik was the most expensive part, there’s no difference to germany when you want to eat in the old town, because of the tourism.
For this pic we went up a hill and climbed on a little building behind a fence, we were waiting for the sunset, with some music and beer, but the light wasn’t as good as we expected unfortunately. Cludes just took away his cam and i had luck with the firework on my last exposure. Maybe not the best pic of Dubrovnik, I’ll upload some others later. In Dubrovnik you should minimum be 2-3 days, because there’s a lot to see! Dont miss to climb the walls, you can walk completely around them. One the one side there is even a bar at the bottom of the walls, where you can jump into the water!
The super cool roadtrip with Cludes Tomato from Sunday till Sunday, with the stops: Bled (Slovenia), Plitvice (Croatia), Zadar (Croatia), Sibenik (Croatia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Mostar (Bosnia), Split (Croatia) and Bled again.
The following week i’ve been to Vienna (Austria) again, from Tuesday till.
Prepare for some uploads in next time =)

Tech info: The shot was taken with a ultracheap old canon zoom lens, Canon FD 75-200 4.5, my father had that one left, but the image quality with the A7ii is awesome!!

via 500px http://ift.tt/1CWQwwc