A VIVALDI WINTER… by magdaindigo

Flanders’ winter-sunset

waited a long time for the right moment, was on my way home when I saw this in the side mirror.
I left my car on the side of the narrow road, grabbed my camera.
Nikon F4 and 400asa film, scanned from neg and comp in camera!
This is so very typical, the gnarled willows to keep the flat land ‘dry’, the sky reaching poplars, the majestic elm trees standing tall against the North wind.

In winter the sun just drops,he?
Ah well I got it… M, (*_~)

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What’s up dude by lishapics

A Rabbit with a mouth full of grass. I really enjoy this frame when i see it again. This is an update from the one in my albums. Landscape mode for this shot. Why not.

Thank you for watching and hope you have a smile when you see this frame passing by.

Like it below

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Markt at sunset by aliaumechapelle

The beautiful central place of Bruges in Belgium.

I just realized I posted the last version with a wrong color profile

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