Not Amused by mlorenz

Wet Burrowing Owl in Florida

I do not share exact locations. Our wildlife should be protected and when locations are shared these animals are put at risk. Please do not ask. Any comments “outing” the locations will be deleted….

All of my photographs/video are Copyright © Megan Lorenz, All Rights Reserved. They may not be used in whole or in part for artistic reference, blogged, reproduced, redistributed, copied or manipulated for commercial or personal use under any circumstances without a license and/or my written consent.

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Cathedral on the Bay by treadwl

This is an 81 second exposure taken of the support structure under the Pinellas Bay Bridge in Tampa Florida. It was taken late at night. When I first saw this image I was struck by the feeling of being in an European Cathedral–thus the title. At other moments I think it feels like something futuristic. I was drawn to this by the glow that came from under the bridge so upon investigation I found this. A word of warning. If you want to try this you can park for free for 1 hour at the don Cesar Hotel and then walk to the bridge. It is a bit of a walk. But watch your time. If you are 1 minute over the hour the parking fee jumps to $26. I learned the hard way. 😦

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Hope by Like_He

Two photo staking, 24-70 L ii at 24 mm for the foreground, 70-300L at 300 for the clouds. CS6 with Detail extraction and Procontrast filter to bring out fine details of the clouds. Then it was brought in to LR6 to mannally desaturate all colors except red.

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I Just Fledged !!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This is an image of a young juvenile great horned owl that had just fledged. We had watched him since the time that he hatched and was all white right through till he fledged. I was amazed as he took it step by step. First leaving the nest and going out on a limb later to return to the nest and then the next day he ventured further until finally he flew to another tree. It was a wonderful experience !!

Wishing you all a good night and a blessed one !!!

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