The Wind Beneath my Wings by JaniceMarieMcgregor

Here is a Tiger Swallowtail (Female) Butterfly with gorgeous markings. As it sits on the Flower from the bush I’m my yard. She spreads her wings while sipping nectar. So the wind goes beneath her wings giving her balance. Such a lovely and precious sight to see. I hope this image gives you chills as it does for me.

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A Bit Tipsy by JaniceMarieMcgregor

This Gulf Fritillary…(Agraulis vanillae) was sitting so perfectly for me to get a close-up (Macro). I couldn’t believe how beautiful and stunning this Butterfly was and that it was just sitting there Sipping the nectar from the flower as someone sitting on a bar stool sipping there beer. So I called it “A BIT TIPSY”

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Topping it off by JaniceMarieMcgregor

This gorgeous Tiger Swallowtail was flying around my butterfly bush (Female) this morning. so I went to grab my camera so I could grab the beauty and markings on the butterfly as it was topping off each flower!

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Let Me Lay My Head Down by JaniceMarieMcgregor

The head of the flower was so heavy that it was laying in my birdbath. Opened so wide but the stem of the flower was bent in 3 spots from it being so top heavy! I loved that the seeds were showing so strong and the petals were so bright It still puts a smile on your face as if the first sign of the sun on a cold day.

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I Do Believe We Have Some Company by JaniceMarieMcgregor

As I walked out my backdoor I came across this stunning Sunflower that had a gorgeous Butterfly on it drinking the nectar. I took some photos of it and loaded them onto my computer. The images were so Beautiful! Then I took another look and notice that we had some company on this flower with the Butterfly.. A Spider came up along beside them. Very surprising capture. Hope you are and like the image as much as I have.

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Unfolding in Layers 4 by JaniceMarieMcgregor

Day 4 of this beautiful progress, This Coneflower.. the colors are out more and the petals are starting to turn under! The middle of the flower is so gorgeous that all the insects love to gather the nectar and pollen. As you see on this one there is a small spider right on the edge of the middle and on of the petals resting and getting shade on the bottom part! I hope you enjoy the this photo as much as I do!

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Unfolding in Layers 3 by JaniceMarieMcgregor

Day 3 of my flower progress as requested. Petals are longer and the middle is more Colorful with every day passing. I hope you love this photo as much as I am with each stage!

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