Bubble Bath Basin, Mono Lake County, California by PatrickMarsonOng

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Foam, foam, and foam! Foam everywhere!! First time in my life to see so much foam. Lol! It has something to do with the lake’s chemical composition plus the wind factor making the entire lake like a foam machine!!

On with the gummy boots, used the foam to my advantage and make the best out of the condition that was given to us. Surely you can’t go wrong with that kind of light, rrrright? Cheers guys! Feel free to share!

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The white dragon’s fury 2 by UlisesSandoval1

A very similar to the previous version better edited and detailed as you can see, but hope you like it 🙂

It was one of those typical day that you think they will not appear nothing special all day, but in the end were those colors so warm that only the intended composition having managed to capture an unforgettable moment 🙂
This was a 3 blended shot.
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