Turning to Winter by LauriLohi

This photo is focus stacked from two 3 exposures HDR images.
Taken in Ahvenisto, Hämeenlinna, Finland.

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Mossy Falls by blurrr001

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Getting ready and excited for fall color, but looking back at spring and all the great photo opportunities I had this year. This shot is from the Columbia River Gorge. A secret spot that in all reality really isn’t all that secret, depending on what circles you run in, but it is for the most part unconventional to the other shots of this area. One of the guys I was with found this spot so I can’t take credit for the find but I think we both came out with unique versions even though we shot nearly the exact same spot. The Hike getting here is a story for another time…

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First Fall Color by stiann

I went up in the mountains of western Norway yesterday to check on the progress of fall color. I’d say it’s at a…20% of a potential 100%. 🙂 Still nice though. This image is a small focus stacked panorama with lots of fine detail in it, maybe too much for web purposes. You really want to hit the M key to view the actual resolution and minimize muddiness. I did not increase the saturation of the reds as such, I had to reduce them after some contrast adjustments. I left them a little overwhelming as true to the actual colors. Annoyingly, when I arrived, there was a rainbow going right down into the V shape of the ravine in front, but by the time I got the gear out and found something resembling a comp, it was gone! Well, I guess people can do without another rainbow.

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Kanarra Creek by blurrr001

Last year my friend and fellow photographer Jeff Swanson lost his battle with Melanoma. He was a great photographer, friend, and an inspiration to many. If you or somebody close has been affected by this disease, you are looking to learn more about melanoma, or you are looking to contribute to fighting this disease please click this link Melanoma Research Foundation to find a cure.

Kanarra Creek
Zion National Park, UT

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This was my second attempt at getting some shots of this place. The first time I went here the mistake was made to go on a Saturday morning. I thought since this trail was off the beaten path and 30 min from the popular Zion area we would be good to go. Man was I mistaken, hordes of people to the point when we reached this section of the hike there was a line to get up this log. Iam talking a line to ride a rollercoaster at a theme park kind of line, it was crazy, well needless to say we turned around and didn’t even bother waiting. I was pretty bummed but thats landscape photography. Now finally the second attempt obviously paid off. I returned here about 7-8 months later and decided to try again on a weekday just after sunrise, this time it did pay off, we were the first ones on the hike and had the whole place to ourselves, we didn’t see anyone until about half way back. Very cool hike and if you have never done it added to the list its worth it, IF the subway hike and the narrows hike had a baby it would be Kanarra Creek.

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Porcelain by neilhamiltonphotography

A split-toned, focus stacked, macro image of some Porcelain mushrooms at yesterday’s photo shoot next to the Devil’s Cauldron. Near Comrie, Perthshire.

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Recent Past by stiann

What you see here is a traditional Norwegian farm with authentic wooden buildings dating back up to 500 years. As for the tech, this is a 240 degree panorama bracketed for dr, focus and sharpness with the added complication of a flare free scene with the reasonable clean sunstar.

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