Foggy Morning ❖ Matin brumeux by blue_iris

Can’t say that I like the new galleries! When will they leave the settings alone for a while!!! Grrrr!

Have a wonderful day and evening and thank you for all your kind words.

Bonne journée et soirée à tous et merci de vos mots gentils.

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Intruder by PerriSchelat

At first I was annoyed that this guy walked right out into about 1/2 a dozen frames of photographers standing with me. After hearing a lot of bitching, I realized it was a gift, so I photographed him.

I love the serene, gentleness of this. It feels like you could hear a pin drop.

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Autumn Fog ❖ Brume d’automne by blue_iris

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With the warm days and the cold nights in autumn, it is not unusual to have foggy mornings. This was taken yesterday morning. Saturday, we had had a warm autumn day of 22 Celsius but when I went out to take this picture on Sunday morning at 7 a.m., it was only 4 Celsius!!!

Hope you had a great week-end. Wishing you a great week.

Avec les journées chaudes et les nuits froides d’automne, il n’est pas rare d’avoir des matins brumeux. Cette photo a été prise hier matin. Samedi, nous avions eu une belle journée d’automne ensoleillée d’environ 22 degrés Celsius, mais dimanche matin, quand je suis sortie pour prendre cette photo à 7 h, il faisait seulement 4 Celsius !!!

J’espère que vous passez un excellent week-end. Je vous souhaite une belle semaine.

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Beautiful morning by Rericha

Photo of Bohemian Switzerland. | My FB Page

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Painted Sky by williammevissen

Painted Sky during sunrise at lake ‘Reindersmeer’, ‘De Maasduinen’ National Park (Well, Netherlands).

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Blue Bay Morning ‘Reflections’ by williammevissen

Blue Bay Morning ‘Reflections’ during sunrise at lake ‘Reindersmeer’, ‘De Maasduinen’ National Park (Well, Netherlands).

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