Volcano by AlfredoCostanzo

The particular situation of this shot makes it as a fire a ‘volcanic eruption
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InsideE YouR EaR : CurvY SoundS # by GuillaumeRio

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Chasing the Sunset by PedroQuintela1

For many of us the sunset time, the magical or the golden hour is the most magical time of the day. Chasing it, admiring it is since many years ago, even before I found this passion of capturing images. So last Sunday wasn´t very different. Finally I got the opportunity to get the rust and dust off the gear and go for it. And what better place then taking my better half to the one of my iconic places in the world? Of course I´m talking about Monsanto.

My image makes part of the idea introduced on the project called “Follow Me” from the Russian traveler Murad Osamann. For me it was a bit tricky because I had to find the perfect exposure, focusing and shutter speed to get things sharp enough. I used a 1.2 Nd filter, wired trigger and a lot of tryouts while the sun was going down. This one was the very last because it had always things that weren´t as well as I intend. But after all I got to say that I´m very pleased with the final one. It represents the exact image that I had in my mind and again the immense patience of Cris, that in many occasions said I was squeezing her hand too much. But don´t worry she got out safe and sound as usual, with a smile after seeing it. 🙂

I hope you like this one, even more then the previous one, perhaps because of it´s darker mood, but as I explained it needed to be that way. Happy shooting to everyone and thanks for such great support and comments I get every week.

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