Jump into the New Year with a spring in your step by Austin_Thomas

OK, It is time to jump into the New Year with a determined attitude and a spring in my step.

Happy New Year everyone.

May it be a great one for you and your families and thanks for all of your support and friendship over the last year.

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Love a morning like this II. by LeifLndal

Denmark’s longest wooden foot bridge offers visitors the opportunity to pass through one of the country’s few remaining river deltas, where Karup River has its outlet in Skive Fjord.

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~ A Happy Summer ~ by FuYiChen

~ A Happy Summer | 快樂的夏天 ~
鳥類名稱 Bird Name:Ruddy-breasted Crake.| 緋秧雞
學名 Scientific Name: Porzana fusca.
科名 Family:秧雞科(Rallidae). 田雞屬(Porzana).
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