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As my whirlwind year of 2015 rapidly comes to a close, I’ve already got my sights set on 2016. Big trips back to Norway with my homies Arild and Stian of LofotenTours, two back to back trips to Namibia to work with the Squiver team, Iceland with my wife and great friends, and Alaska for some off-roading adventure. It’s going to be a fantastic year, but the thing I’m stoked on most isn’t the locations… it’s the people I get to share them with. I get just as (if not more) excited about spending the time with friends as I do the actual shooting.

Marcel Van Oosten was kind enough to honor me with the privilege to lead a tour to Namibia for him next year… I’m guaranteeing it will be epic. Also my good friend Arild Heitmann and I will be leading another crazy tour next March to shoot the Lofoten Islands… it’s always a successful trip. Check out the links above for all the info you need!

Happy Holidays everyone.

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Curvy Ripples of Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, DVNP by PatrickMarsonOng

Death Valley National Park, third location in our itinerary, a 200 miles drive down South of the amazing Mono Lake.
That sucky feeling where exhaustion and fatigue kicks in during the first few days of your trip and what made it worst, it’s accompanied by extreme coughs and colds! Ha bummer! The reason behind it? Our foolishness of spending 2 nights in Yosemite’s unheated tents!! !@#$%!!!! Lesson learned!

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, a definite must see place in DVNP. Dunes can get as high as 100 feet and it’s way bigger than what they seem! Lol! It’s constantly changing landscape that gets more interesting on different light conditions. Gets tricky tho as you need to hike in to the middle part of the dunes to escape those footprints.

Got an amazing tip from buddy Paul (owe you big time man!). Take it during sunrise, stop a few km before the parking area and walk into the dunes from there. Fewer footprints and the dunes are half the size so it’s easier. Well, it’s easy if your not sick at all :-((. I was already feeling dizzy halfway in and the continuous hike up and down on soft sand, took 3x the effort!! Not good, not good at all. So I told myself enough for that day since we still have the next day’s sunrise. Took a couple of shots on twilight and golden hour, then hiked back at a slower pace. Barely made it but happy with what I got. Woooot! For the love of this hobby! Hope you enjoy this image! Cheers!

***Best viewed on black***

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Curvy Textures of Antelope Canyon, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

Upon seeing tons of amazing photos of this place from fellow hobbyists, Antelope Canyon baecame one of my must see and visit place if I ever get my self to visit the US again.

Located on Navajo land, east of Page Arizona, Antelope has been a top-rated tourist destination for sightseers and photographers. It gets crazy crowded almost all the time. Good thing that the only access to the canyon is via Navajo Nation’s authorized private tour companies. Can’t even imagine the traffic of people visiting if its open to the public.

We had the pleasure of joining AACPT – Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours. Got their awesome two canyon deal, Rattlesnake + Upper Antelope. Four hours of non stop photography guided by Roman, an awesome Navajo local guide! You know that your getting the best possible way around the canyon with an “express vip pass” when you enter from the end of the canyon and hear these words coming from your guide:
“Give way for my photographers”,
“You have to move to the end of the canyon”,
“Make way sir, make way”,
“Sir, stop! My photographers are still shooting”,
“You have 3 minutes to shoot guys, i will hold back the crowd”

Oh and we were also greeted by an amazing 4 minute “hoop” dance by a local before starting the tour! Amazing!!!

If you ask me, I prefer the Rattlesnake canyon more than the Upper Antelope. Maybe because we had the place to ourselves, but the tight curves of the Rattlesnake, where you need to squeeze your self into is like an opening to a whole new world for me. Truly an amazing experience guys. These canyons are must see place before you die. I will definitely be back for those light beams on summer!

Cheers guys! Hope you’re havin a great weekend!

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Coral Chaos by alexnoriega

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Morning light breaks through low clouds to highlight these otherworldly sandstone formations – the quake-twisted remnants of an ancient seabed – located in what is now northern Arizona. Shot earlier this month during a week-long monsoon chasing trip with friends in the desert. Good times!

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King of Red Lions by alexnoriega

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Soft light skirts the otherworldly sandstone formations of this remote location in Northern Arizona, on a stormy spring afternoon. Looks best on black.

There are endless opportunities for original imagery all around here, but this well-known “dragon” formation is just too appealing not to shoot while you’re here! I’ve shot this under a variety of conditions, but I ended up choosing an afternoon with a rather blue sky for the contrast it made with the red landscape.

Also, a reminder that only a couple spots remain on the workshop I’m leading with Alex Mody in Olympic National Park this September.

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