Back to Camelot by NickAbbrey

Welcome to Camelot …
Curiosity: Fort Bard and its town were used as the fictional Eastern European country of Sokovia in the 2015 film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Blue Family Moon by Bi2L

Blue Family Moon

Blue Moon of July, the 2nd Full Moon of the month, tuching the Fortress of San Marco,the New fortress of Corfu, while little Constantina, my niece, sent hello to us with her mother and father, Zoe Metallinos & Alexandros Chimarios.

This capture is the sequel of Honeymoon Moonshivers

Moon 15,11 days old
distance 364016km
altitude 1,50°
azimuth 109°48

Canon eos 6D
Takahashi TOA130 APO,
Astrotech flat

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