[ … sunrays ] by RaymondHoffmann

colorful sunset at the south coast of Iceland
Nikon D810 with 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S NIKKOR
Lucroit Filter System
taken on my photo workshop “Iceland Classic”

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Aurora Winds At Krikjufell by danielmachtfotos

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This shot was pretty hard to take. I hiked to the waterfall during the night and it was stormy as hell. To make my way up there was the one challenge, but the real challenge was to get a good shot because I only had my smaller tripod with me which – obviously – is not that heavy so it could stand the stormy winds.

I had to hold it really tight and always wait for some moments where the wind is not too strong so I can take a shot without completely shaking the camera.

Thanks for viewing and being interested in what I do!

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Snæfellsnes Classic by christianlim

Photo Tours in Iceland

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Customary shot before heading up and avoiding all the people shooting from the bridge near the foss… 4 yrs ago we were visiting this place during sunset and sunrise with almost nobody there. now, even with wind, hail, rain and snow you’ll always see a car camped out there almost every night… I miss the days when we would just go somewhere and do landscape photography without minding too much about all the noise…. how times have changed. We should start turning back time then…

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Seljalandsfoss by frank_delargy

The water was flowing so fast only 0.6 seconds was needed.
You can see the path behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfall to the right of the rainbow. Quite a challenge to get a good photo from behind the falls, even with a wide angle lens, due to constant spray and no room to back up. I guess saying anything “foss” waterfall is redundant since foss is Icelandic for waterfall.
Single exposure. Shot with 10 stop ND and CP filters.
Please press M or click on photo as it looks best on black. Thanks for looking and voting. Feedback appreciated.

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Skogafoss Moods! by ashgerrardphoto

Another of my favourite shots from Iceland, the incredible Skogafoss. At the minute my landscape photography is taking me down the “moody” route and I feel this definitely comes across in this image!

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Late walk on familiar grounds by harbard74

Storfossen is part of the family farm, it’s where I grew up. Taking photos of waterfalls on Iceland reminded me of the beauty of more familiar grounds. This summer while visiting my family I decided to try and capture the rivers and streams with the same intensity as when travelling other parts of the world.

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