Memories !!!!! by judylynn

This time of year one tends to reflect over past years and memorable experiences. One of my favorite times was when Fab Forns and I went to Cody , Wyoming and filmed the big horned sheep and then were fortunate enough to see the incredible beautiful mountain foxes of Wyoming. They were a thrill to see and awesome to photograph !! It was a great trip and great fun and great company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wishing you a beautiful and blessed day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Just Fledged !!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This is an image of a young juvenile great horned owl that had just fledged. We had watched him since the time that he hatched and was all white right through till he fledged. I was amazed as he took it step by step. First leaving the nest and going out on a limb later to return to the nest and then the next day he ventured further until finally he flew to another tree. It was a wonderful experience !!

Wishing you all a good night and a blessed one !!!

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Somewhere You Feel Free by drlafreniere

“You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
Sail away, kill off the hours
You belong somewhere you feel free”
Wildflowers, Tom Petty

I was fortunate to be shown around the Dolomites by my good friends Enrico Fossati and Erin Babnik (nobody knows the area like her:))

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In Search Of A Different View !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!w by judylynn

This beautiful scarlet macaw was having an awesome time flying and taking the opportunity of getting just a slightly different view . To be born free is so awesome and My heart was filled with joy seeing these magnificent birds living the way they were meant to live. Loved them and could have watched them all day . They are very sociable and love being together. To see them fly in large flocks is truly breathtaking. How fortunate we were to have seen them born free.

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed evening !!

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Still For A Moment !!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This little fiery hummingbird was captured hovering before moving on to gather nectar. This was not taken with flash but in natural light but with a very fast shutter speed of 2000. It is truly amazing what these little creatures are capable of doing.

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I Am Magnificent Too !!!!!!!!!!! by judylynn

This is an image of the female magnificent hummingbird taken on our recent trip to Costa Rica. She is not as vibrant in color as the male but still so beautiful and elegant . She was awesome to watch as she flew from flower to flower in search of food.
Hope everyone one had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wishing each one of you a beautiful and blessed day, Look forward to caching up on what I have missed.

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Free as a bird by zardo500px

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