In Between by GreggB

Here is another shot of Tetons. This place isn’t far from the place I shot my last image at. I liked the trees (in the foreground) sort of surrounding the mountains and pointing towards it. This was shot way before the sunrise, so mountains haven’t been yet illuminated by the sun. Still, I think they look beautiful and very photogenic the way they are.

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Patience by AaronGroen

Sunset at Lake Yankton near Balaton, Minnesota. 11/26/2015 – 4:54:27 PM
Canon EOS 6D
EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
Lee filters
15.0 sec; f/22; ISO 50, 16mm

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Insomnia by myst1cal

One of the most beautiful moments in my life as a photographer.. that’s for sure! Thanks to my buddys Arild Heitmann and Max Rive for the great time we had!

A Freeeeezing Sunset over Northern Norway…..

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Hidden Gem of Moke Lake, New Zealand by PatrickMarsonOng

I already lost track on how many times I have visited this lake hoping to time it in right conditions that I’ve dreamt of. On our last visit, we were greeted with clear skies, low lying fog, snowy peaks, frozen lake, and a sweet sunny morning glow! I thought I was still dreaming until I dipped my foot into the freezing lake(with my waders of corse!). Everyone was so quiet, so focused in capturing and watching this amazing scene unfold. Cheers!

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Red Fox National geographic by RoeselienRaimond | Blog | FacebookYesterday I received a National Geographic Calendar with my Red Fox in the Snow in it (the 3rd of nov): nice! 😀
Somehow I never submitted it here…no idea why, since I still have warm thoughts, thinking about this freezing day!

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