On the road by sarawutkaka

Happy new year ~~

street portrait-Myanmar

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Follow father by sarawutkaka

Absolute Zero by DanielJGreenwood

Something simple for the start of the week. Have been put off from posting on 500px due to a few reasons I’m sure a lot already know about…I often enjoy processing a lot of my night work with strong blue tones to give a cool galactic sense of feel..This was a creative scene I had shot while on a trip to the Rockies about 6 months ago when everything was still very much frozen. It is in fact a set of older files I decided to re process from my 6d. I am finding a lot of local spots do not resonate with me as much as they used to which has lead me to process these older Banff images. I am honestly taking these feelings as a sign, a sign that its time to focus on traveling and exploring further into nature.. I am extremely excited to know that my vision is inspiring me and pushing me to move further into nature.

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Taste of summer by MaximeProkaz