Prodigy by StefanHefele

“Prodigy” – Vorarlberg – Austrian Alps

Isn´t it a wonder how beautiful the flowers exist in such a bizarre and rough landscape. They reach towards the light, as if they were sucking even the last ray of sunlight. I was impressed from this very little meadow in the middle of a rocky slope that I had to stop here for a little shoot. Still impressed…


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The Painkiller after Sunset by ManuelMartin1972

Well, the evening I made this shot here I had a small accident in the kitchen. I wanted to make a few sausages in the pan. But since I didn’t want to have a big mess in the kitchen, I put the pan in the oven. By the way … sausages made in the oven taste great 😉 Half an hour later, the sausages were good fried and I wanted to remove the pan from the oven. In my left hand I had the newspaper and was just reading an article and then it was clear what happened. I was distracted and took the pan by hand out of the oven. My wife just came home and found me in the kitchen. „What are you doing“ she asked! „Dancing Baby, I’m dancing!“ was my response. Do you remember the old movies of Tom and Jerry? Well, mentally at this moment I ran like a rocket to the next mountain, there I screamed so loud that I have certainly woken up the whole world, and then I ran back quite quickly he he he 😉 Of course I had a lot of pain and could therefore not sleep! in the meanwhile, everything is alright again, but just imagine how I was looking the next days when I went to the office. I had a bandage … damn, I was looking like Michael Jackson 😉

But that evening I didn’t know what to do! Pain, and too much time to wait till the next morning! So I took a frozen sausage and tied it around my hand. That was wonderful … a feeling like vacations! I took my backpack with the photo equipment and went into the woods with our dog Giorgio. The distraction in the woods was really wonderful. Well, and that evening I made this shot at the edge of the forest. I think this image here will always remind me to make less nonsense 😉

Thank you for your time and interest in my photos, your visit is most appreciated 🙂


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Sign of life – Panorama by MartinKrajczy

The light colored green leaves and grass in spring are an indicator for the ongoing circle of restart and passing by of mother nature. We as human beings are part of mother nature. What should we learn from this ongoing circle of mother nature ?

— watch in on the black background — Endless details – Pano out of 8 single frames (183 MP and 1GB File)

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