Funnel Factory by alexnoriega

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Ultimate Northwest Photo Adventure 2016
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Soft pre-dawn light on the walls of a large mesa in central Utah. You’re looking at approximately one thousand vertical feet of shale here.

This is a wider version of my previously posted image, Firewall. I normally don’t ever post two images of the same scene, as I like to show my strongest work from a given scene, and I think showing many slightly-different variants just dilutes the images, making none of them particularly memorable. However, this wider, more all-encompassing composition, and the softer light, better show off the form and abstract patterns of the wall – and the color (I thought) helped make it different enough to warrant another look. At the moment, this is my favorite of the two images. Plus, this view includes my little boulder-bro in the lower left!

One more of my favorite images from this trip will be posted before the Thanksgiving holiday (less abstract and more “epic”, for those wondering if I gave up on that style of photography)!

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