Bump in the Night by RogerHill

Amazing night time strong tornado and thunderstorm near Groom, Texas on November 16th. One of the prettiest, and scariest scenes one would want to encounter! For me, I live for this! I had to shoot this wide (I was VERY close for awhile) to capture the entire scene. A longer (20 second) exposure was needed to capture the lightning bolt illuminating the tornado). From the starry skies, to the thunderstorm and obvious tornado going over a wind turbine farm, this is one of my favorites!

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Tornabow by mrdreamor

… for a storm chaser is a beautiful tornado forming over nonpopulated area. If this appears in this one moment of awesome light and spot of free sight – everything is just perfect. That’s what i call an unforgetable experience of nature.

Our Video: https://youtu.be/Fld2Q40ShpA

2015-05-29 Milnesand Tornado, New Mexico

(c) Marco Rank

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