It’s only love by Carlosmacr

Last times, specially last 2 years i have been making many photos. I was already addicted but lately i have realized i can’t spend a whole day without looking photos or planning or imagining some new images, what i guess is somehow close to some kind of sickness 🙂 At the end of last year thought about such kind of projects of 365 days photos some people do and thought it would be great to upload one image per day. I’m already late for that. Free time is much less than i would need for that but anyway i’ll try to upload as often as possible as i think there are so many interesting (at least i like them :)) images sleeping for long time in my hard disk.

This photo i am uploading is, as some other images in my gallery, the result of spending a very nice time with friends. In this case, a couple of jobmates and friends to whom i wanted to gift a photo session, although i never made any “wedding” photos. Despite my intentions, the real gift was for me: the chance to spend a very nice and funny time with them.

Thanks for your visit and happy 2016 to everyone! q-_-p
En los últimos tiempos, especialmente en los últimos 2 años he estado haciendo muchas fotos. Ya era consciente de mi adicción pero últimamente me he dado cuenta de que no puedo pasar un día sin mirar fotografías, charlar con amigos de fotografía o planear o imaginar nuevas imágenes, lo que supongo que puede pasar a considerarse como algún tipo de locura 🙂 Bueno, supongo que eso no es nada que no le pase a muchos de los que por aquí andamos :)) Al final del año pasado tenía en mente esos proyectos que se llevan a cabo por algunos; esos de 365 días-365 fotos y pensé que sería una buena idea la de subir una foto por idea. Ya llego tarde para eso…. El tiempo libre es el que es, bastante menos del que me haría falta para eso, pero igualmente intentaré subir tantas imágenes como pueda ya que es la mejor opción de ir dándole salida a las muchas imágenes que me gustan y que tengo dormidas por no decir enterradas en el disco duro.

Esta foto que subo, como otras muchas que hay por mi galería y disco duro son el resultado de un buen rato pasado en buena compañía. En este caso, una pareja de amigos y compañeros a los que quería regalar unas cuantas fotos por su boda. A pesar de mis intenciones y quizás por no haber hecho nunca antes fotografías de “boda”, el que realmente recibió un regalo fui yo: la posibilidad de pasar una tarde muy divertida y entretenida en compañía de buena gente haciendo lo que me divierte 🙂

Gracias por tu visita y feliz 2016 a todos! q-_-p

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Happy New Year!!

I’ve been thinking what kind of image is the best for the start of the new year.I have some unpublished black and white fine art works, but I chose a color pic, maybe too colorful?
The zooming light effect was not by photoshop, just zoomed the lens while shooting. If you want to see other futuristic images from here,Tokyo International Forum, visit my blog
.I’ll bet you can see the inside of the spaceship. Have a great2016 and of course, awesome photography!

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KafkA AdministratioN # by GuillaumeRio

Berlin, germany, temple of knowledge, bibliotek, bibliothèque, library, future, brave world, huxley,, white, wide angle, architecture, urban,red, chairs, education, kafka, administration, cold

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BLEAK by wigH

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Living on Kepler 452b by CludesTomato

Hope you like it! 😉
Kepler-452b is an exoplanet orbiting the G-class star Kepler-452. It was identified by the Kepler space telescope and its discovery was publicly announced by NASA on 23 July 2015. It is the first potentially rocky super-Earth planet discovered orbiting within the habitable zone of a star very similar to the Sun. It is the sixth-most Earth-like exoplanet known to date. The planet is about 1,400 light-years away from the Solar System; at the speed of the New Horizons spacecraft, about 59,000 km/h (37,000 mph), it would take approximately 26 million years to get there. Unfortunately still to far away … for the moment 😉
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