Cheetah looking over the Zululand hills by EtienneOosthuizen


Pair of cheetah siting and looking out for prey over a magical view of the Zululand hills at Thanda private game reserve

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Broom dance…. by Lankodjuric

It would be nice if we all retained that cheerful enthusiasm that children have for everything that they do, in everything that we do……..even the most mundane and boring things wouldn’t seem like that any more :)))))

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1+1 by Carlosmacr

I wish i could jump, run and revive the feelings one has when belonging to a team. I love basketball.
Ojalá pudiera saltar y correr como antes. Y revivir las sensaciones que le hacen a uno formar parte de un equipo.

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I love this game by Carlosmacr

Aprovechando que estos días se está jugando el eurobasket y mi amor por este deporte que tantas buenas cosas me ha dado, subo esta imagen para darle un poco más, si cabe, de incoherencia a mi variopinta galería :))
Saludos, gracias por la visita y que vaya bien.
Y, al igual que el baloncesto, no nos olvidemos que esto del 500px también es un juego 🙂

P.D: Fotomontaje (obviamente :)) con mis propias imágenes.

Being these days the Eurobasket (national selection teams) and loving as much as i love this sport that so many great moments gave me, i am uploading this image, giving a little bit more of incoherence to my motley gallery.
Thanks for your visit and have a nice time.
And don’t forget that 500px, as basketball, is also a game :))

P.S: Photomanipulation with my own images.

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Having A Good Laugh by LindaEdgecombPhotography

My friend Wilco Westerduin’s challenge .his title..see this funny face, the eyes , nose and mouth in this Romanesque architecture .LOL .I hope it makes you smile.^_^ It is the Empire State Builidng spire in the upper right corner …thanks dear Wilco.and you all dearly my friends on here px.:-))

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Wrong target by Jcmudet

From above, i m the tough guy !
To get the attention of his mother, this baby lion is nicely provocating her. It is funny to see the left ear of the mother which is folded. That could mean : “come on, are you serious?”
The moment after, the baby’s head was under his mother’s paw.
he lost the fight this time but he won the attention

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