Standing Beneath Giants by intrepidphotos

These giant swamp gums (Eucalyptus regnans) are tallest flowering plants in the world reaching heights of 100m the largest of which were growing when Abel Tasman first sighted Tasmania in 1642. Mt Field National Park, Tasmania, Australia
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Monochrome Portrait of an Elephant by mariomoreno

An Elephant walks straight to our vehicle giving us plenty of opportunities for great images in fabulous light. Image taken in the Mara North Conservancy in Kenya. Join me in 2016 on an upcoming Maasai Mara Photo Safari

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NeverDarkNights by JonathanDanker

International Finance Centre, Hong Kong

Nights in Hong Kong City never seem to get dark with all the light emanating from the giant skyscrapers.

Canon 5d Mk 3 | Samyang 14mm f2.8 ED AS IF UMC | ISO 100 | f 11.0 | focal length 14mm (3 tile, 4 exposure blend vertorama with extra exposures for the light trails)

© Jonathan Danker
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Rise of the Giant by GiuseppeTorre

The begin of the huge eruption of the 4th december of the Mount Etna, in the morning.
here the TIMELAPSE
We can see the “head” opening the stratosphere with his power and pressure.

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A Giant in The Dark II by mariomoreno

A Bull Elephant portrait from Chobe National Park in Botswana. Go to CHOBE 5 Day Safari to join me on an upcoming departure.


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Wonder of Being by MAPhoto

Of all the Himalayan images I made, this one shows the scale of the mountains best. Even though these are somewhat smaller peaks, at around 6000m in height, they towered over our camp from across a deep valley and I used a 60mm lens to fill the frame with them. I photographed them as the daily convective clouds started to build in the afternoon light, adding the depth needed. I decided on a custom-toned image here and while it may appear to be B&W there are actually various colors painted into highlight and shadow, increasing the feeling of light entering the scene.

The lone figure is one of the great people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet in life, Steve Zigler. When I had a chance to visit a remote region of the Tibetan Himalaya with him, he was constantly enthralled with the magnitude and splendor of the peaks around us. It was for this reason I choose to use him to fulfill an idea that I had, reaching arms outstretched to the glory of the mountains above our camp, in constant wonder of being there.

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Giant Serenity by mariomoreno

A female Elephant approaches a stream in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. If you would like to join me on a photographic safari to capture magic moments like this got to : Maasai Mara Photo Safari

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The 1665 step climb by GiuseppeTorre

An uncommon long exposure of the symbol of Paris during a beautiful, bright day.

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