Radiance by MaxFoster

“Radiance” – Spirit Falls, WA

Here is a shot from Spirit Falls, which has some of the brightest turquoise water I have seen. The falls are popular with kayakers, which is pretty crazy. Check out this video of several kayakers dropping it: Spirit Falls Kayakers

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Lower Lewis Leniency by BradNorth

I have an irrational but very real fear when around water with electronics. For some reason they’re just drawn to it and love to play in it. This new area to explore, Lower Lewis River Falls in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, was a good test of that fear.

After taking the steep trail down to the water, I inched closer to her flowing locks, trying not to be too forward and fall head over heels. Never underestimating my footing on the slick rock, I made it to the edge just before this drop off to the pool and admired her beauty from a safe distance. Thankfully, she didn’t take anything from me and we’ll probably be seeing each other again soon!

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Minutes Later by gregityrx1

This is my second shot that I took about a month ago when I dragged my wife and our little dog Canon down to stream level. We arrived just minutes before the picture I posted a month ago was taken. This was taken minutes later. I have been here many times and came here this day to try and duplicate a shot that I took last August. The sky was clear and the conditions were perfect except I was late. The shot that I took last year was a single shot that I had plenty of time to set up for ( but I didn’t expect what we saw). Tweak a little this way and a little that way to cut down on the sun glares that was going to happen, shooting into a full blown sun. This shot and the one like it last year I used a polarizer and a 10 stop. Last year with ample time I was able to cut out the sun spots by tweaking. This year I wasn’t. So I had to combine two exposures to come up with this. This isn’t as strong of a shot to work with but definitely worth working on. After all, how often do get to see a location where the sun bounces of the walls and lights up like this. Last year when I first witnessed this, it was a “Visa” moment for me. And on this day when I witnessed it a second time it made me smile from ear to ear. How lucky are we to live in a part of the world where we get to see Mother Nature at her best. Hope you enjoy.
View on black to see some of the details.

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