Rauma Guardians by eyeofalens

Rauma Guardians

I shared a file from this location last year, but was not entirely sold on it & I’m probably not on this either to a full extent, but thats part of the continual learning curb & improvements.

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Autumn and Murky Dreams by TedGore

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The dramatic spire of Cerro Torre dodges the passing clouds being kicked up by the icefields to the west, giving a great isolated view of the famous peak. The murky glacial waters flow out of the lake at the base of the range. The apparent scale of this image may suggest the river to be just a trickling stream, when in reality, it is deep and raging. No chance of crossing this sucker unless you shimmy across the cable further up stream, secured by harness, dangling 15 feet above the water, which I did a few times during my visit. Pretty fun! I found this mountain to be pretty tricky to shoot, especially with a wide angle focal length that I wanted to use to feature the nice curve of the stream, and the bank dotted with peak autumn colors. Similar to my other image of the mountain, I chose to utilize a ‘focal length blend’ to give me the ability to have a wide-angle foreground with out the undesirable ‘pin-cushioned’ mountain. Due to the distance you are from Cerro Torre, it doesn’t play well with wide angle lenses, even though in person, to your eye, it towers over you, and has a commanding presence.

And if you follow my work and are familiar with the story I told along with my previous Cerro Torre shot, I shot this image just before I climbed into my tent to be terrorized by the mysterious creatures of the night!

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Breiðamerkursandur Giants of Iceland by PatrickMarsonOng

The famous ice beach or also known as Breiðamerkursandur. Ha! Until now, I still can’t pronounce that properly.

To those of you who are wondering how huge those glacial ice are, here’s a shot taken with a couple of tourists enjoying the sunset view. Huge yeah?

Hope this shows scale as well as depth of this place. Waited for that right wave and fired away! Tsk, should have taken a selfie. Lol! Cheers guys!

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The Ceiling by TKMphoto

I’m replacing my most recent post with this interpretation of the same location that I made a couple of days ago. Better light in this deep portion of the cave, a result of getting to this spot earlier in a day with clearing skies, allowed both more control of exposure and more attention to the composition.

After letting a mostly nonexistent cave go neglected (by me) for almost all of this past summer, it has been so rewarding to make multiple trips to visit this special location in the last couple weeks…and I’m looking forward to more.

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The Lovers of Breiðamerkursandur, Iceland by PatrickMarsonOng

You might see this same glacier ice in my other photo uploaded months ago. This one was taken a few minutes after that golden hour shot. I was trying to chase that last twilight glow for a different kind of mood. Interestingly, a couple stands exactly in the middle of my frame while I was still exposing(I’m sure you all know that feeling LOL). Rather than arguing with them and loose precious moments of light, I just included them in my photo to show scale of the place.

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