Anchor Point by christianlim

submerged into the cold waters, taking a shot of this beautiful pc of ice sculpted by wind and water!

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Dissolution of Eternity by joseramos

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After much waiting it had finally happened: an epic sunset at Jokulsarlon. Worth the sleep deprivation, cold and soaked legs.

Sony a7R + Zeiss 16-35mm f4
Formatt Hitech Firecrest 3 stop soft ND Grad

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Icebergs and Storm Clouds by oilfighter

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My first visit to the black sand beach of Glacier Lagoon was in the middle of a storm. I scouted the place out in the middle of the storm, camped in the storm trying to wait it out, and woke up, you guessed it, in the storm.

This time around, the weather was much better! I shot the lagoon itself during sunset, and waited 2 hours on the beach for the sunrise. As dawn approaches, the clouds got thicker. I thought the light would be blocked, but then the sun broke out through a tiny crack in the clouds. The faint red light lit up this storm cloud system from the side. It was perfect!

I used a 2 stop graduated ND filter here to balance out the exposure. A ½ second exposure was chosen to capture the streaks of the wave. The hard part was making sure the icebergs stay still during the exposure, because the waves washes them around.

Canon 5D Mark III
16-35mm F2.8
Lee 2 Stop graduated ND filter

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