Default Destination by eyeofalens

Default Destination

Arrived in Waterton by default a few years back when there was a government shutdown in the US …hence the title.

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Glacier Valley Smoky Sunrise by cjstead

As much as it was a shame to see so many fires in GNP this summer it certainly made for some unique atmospheric conditions. This was one of those mornings with smoke wafting through the valley while the sun began to rise and the moon slowly sank below the clouds. Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to go back! Have a good week!

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Cloaked by RyanBuchanan

When we arrived at this popular location, all the signs pointed to an unbelievable sunrise…until that time came and went. Once again, the smokey haze choked out almost all of the direct light. However, after waiting a long while longer, the valley started to slightly light up with a golden diffused glow. Made for an interesting mood I guess.

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Tripple Flow by GreggB

So I finally found some time to process some of my images from the Glacier National Park in Montana. The place is truly spectacular, and I can only imagine what it looks like in a Spring time. Now, without much of rain, many falls had barely any water, or were completely dried up. What’s with the drought nature?
Anyway, here is one to which I hiked close to 2 miles one way. Not a bad hike you may say, but with grizzlies running around it’s not a pleasant one either. I literately took some shots and ran away….
This one is called “The Triple Falls”. With more water there is one more fall to the left (not really visible here).
By the way, I still have couple of open spots for my Patagonia Workshop in 2016 (the place has lots of waterfalls). If you’re interested navigate to

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Kissed by Light by PerriSchelat

Sorry that I had to repost this image. The quality really got squashed.

I made this shot at Two Medicine Lake during my last trip to Glacier during the Reynolds Creek fire.

This morning was the prelude to a very stormy day on the lake. By 10am waves were screaming in and high winds had picked up. You can see that the water is moving and the reflection is not tack sharp, like it can be.

I made shots with long exposures and shots with short exposures, so I could experiment with what the water was doing. I just didn’t like the shots I captured at higher ISO’s and faster shutter speeds. The water was a little to ripply, so I opted to soften things with a long exposure.I really liked the “monet” painterly feel the water created over the rocks with a long exposure.

I only needed one exposure to cover the dynamic range with my Nikon D810.

Two Medicine Lake, Glacier NP, Montana

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