Light My Fire by eyeofalens

Light My Fire

Id have to say the evening I captured this amongst many was probably the highlight of my 2 week California trip.
When this all started up, hearing people up above me out of sight cheering, I couldnt help but smile. Often I’ve been in locations by myself & swearing or giggling like a little kid as the light go’s off, but hearing a whole load of people & many just watching not photographing was something to remember.
If I do ever return to Yosemite, ill certainly return to this little location I discovered hidden out of sight.

On a side note I should probably get my head checked based on how the shitty dynamic pulse punishes regular posters.Whats the point of it all?

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Valley Clouds by raygreenphotography

Winter sunset from classic Tunnel View (aka Discovery View), Yosemite National Park. We lucked out with some pretty interesting cloud and low hanging fog formations on this particular evening! Thank you for viewing, voting and/or any constructive comments!

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Smoke in the Valley by gbphotography

Wishing you all Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!!

The folks in Yosemite are in for a very cold Thanksgiving (down to 23 F/ -5 C) holiday, but I would be awesome to see Halfdome covered in snow from Glacier Point.

This image is from last September when it was much warmer, in fact Yosemite and the Easter Sierras were ravaged by wild fires then and there was a visible smoke fog in the valley. But it made for some nice atmosphere during sunrise…..I hope you like it….

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objects in mirror by DanSebern

This is a composite of three photos blended in photoshop, with a 10-stop ND filter used on each exposure. This was my first time in Yosemite and I was blown away with what I saw. I have hundreds more photos to sift through…

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Winter in the Valley by raygreenphotography

This is another shot taken from Yosemite tunnel view last winter during our Christmas roadtrip! Thank you for viewing, voting and/or any constructive comments!

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