Afternoon Rain by edwardreese

This is an image from a four-day, Halloween weekend down around the Blue Ridge Parkway and the surrounding areas. A last minute effort to try and catch the last of the Fall colors after missing out up in NJ.

Stopped at the Babcock State Park to shoot the famous Grist Mill, but as you can see, we missed the autumn colors there as well. The rain helped set up a moody shot though, and it was still a really amazing scene.

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Dusk at the Mill by PerriSchelat

I have never seen a photograph of this mill at dusk with the lights on, so I decided to make one.

I usually photograph the grist mill from a vantage point showcasing the glade creek waterfall in front of the mill. On this visit the creek was dry and the waterfall wasn’t running, so I thought about other interesting vantage points.

I like this very much as an alternative to the other more familiar shots.

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Ubiquitous by FrankieKenneth

What do you do when you visit the most photographed gristmill in America? Well get the postcard shot OF COURSE haha.
This was taken last year during a fun weekend with good friends. I fell in love with this scene from the moment I first saw it in my mentor’s portfolio. I knew I wanted one for myself one day. I struck out my first tries when I visited. Colors were not peak and water levels were very low. But finally, last year, thanks to a post from Brian Peterman who posted his own reLots of chatter here on social media about shooting icons. fuck it! I didn’t care, I had to do it smile emoticon. I got my postcard out of the way early then went on to challenge my creativity. You can go see my other captures in one of the links above.

Technical Info: I wanted to have the feel of a wide scene but not lose the visual impact of the gristmill so I decided to do a panorama stitch. A wide angle lens would have minimized my main subject so I wanted to do something different. By Using a 70mm focal length I was able to bring the scene in closer and then took 3 vertical images to stitch into the wide scene I had in my vision.

Thank you for Looking.

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