. : made with love : . by Martin-Pfister

This image is not a stunner. But look at this cloud! We stayed for two days at the Morteratsch Glacier in Switzerland looking for some ice caves. The sky was almost cloudless this morning but we decided to take some shots with the icy glacier tongue as the foreground. Here and there appears a cloud but they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. But then… one cloud forms into this one… and everything was good 🙂

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Autumn colors by MartinKrajczy

This shot is taken on a sunny autumn morning in Iceland early in the morning after sunrise. I was shooting with my Nikon D800E and a Linhof Technorama. Really fun to shot with so different cameras. I used the D800E also for setting up the Linhof with some additional calculation of the shutter speed of course. The clouds moved fast and so the scenery changed every few seconds. The colors of the moos in autumn in Iceland is special. The colors are really intensive. in black lava areas and wet conditions the colors are surreal, beautiful and very special.

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