G E C K O – B O Y by Isamtelhami

As many knows this is old photo more than a year ,but many didn’t see it so I bring it back to the top .

* Trampolina boy jump, Marius *
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Salty Steps by Isamtelhami

All Salt .

The Lowest Place on Earth .

400 meters below Sea Level.


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Power of Galaxy by Isamtelhami

74 shots of 30 second each.

I came to the desert to shot the the falling down stars
But I didn’t get them at the dead sea area .
So I decide to shot the movement of the stars .
hope you like it .


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Dead Sea by Isamtelhami

The Lowest Place on Earth .

400 meters below Sea Level.

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Tiberias the holy Lake by Isamtelhami

S A L T by Isamtelhami

Dead Sea sunrise :
One of Nature’s best kept secrets, 400 meters below Sea Level.

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Way of Nature by Isamtelhami

Perspective of nature by Isamtelhami

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Morning Sun by Isamtelhami