Cloister of Gloucester Cathedral IV by roliketto

Another wide angle shot of the cloister of Gloucester Cathedral, England, where parts of the famous Harry Potter movies were filmed.

Five exposures processed in Photomatix Pro, Colour Efex Pro, Viveza and Photoshop CS5.

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Blue Hour in Rockport by edwardreese

This is a long exposure image of the red fishing shack in Rockport, Massachusetts.

I think the sun was just at the horizon but cloud cover was very thick and thunderstorms were still brewing to the south of us. Seemed like the blue hour lasted all morning.

Very scenic location for a sunrise but it seems every time we go there, the weather covers it up.

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Annisquam Sunset by edwardreese

Another image from our road trip up to Massachusetts last weekend.

This is a sunset image of the little Annisquam Lighthouse located near Gloucester, MA. This is a tough location to get into because it’s surrounded by private property and no parking. But some nice locals told us about a hidden path off Walnut Street, that takes you through a nearby beach to the south.

This is a blended image with a longer exposed lower half to get the smooth water.

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