Facing the sun by P-ANilsson

Hello all, have been sick all weak so no new shots from this weak. But i found this none published shot of Lucia, she looks like golden godess in this one, so i thought you guys would like it. Please share it and like it if you dig it…;) Have a great new week.
Cheers P-A

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Shining Beacon by SteveLuther

Mount Hood in Oregon as you’ve never seen before, all lit up in glowing, brilliant light at sunset, and casting a perfect reflection in the still waters of Trillium Lake. I’ve photographed this mountain many times, but have never seen it lit up like this, in fall before the winter snows arrived.

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Rainbow Brigde by john-win

The Rainbow Bridge is one of the largest known natural bridges in the world. To reach this unique place you have to cruise about 50 miles on Lake Powell. The bridge has a height of about 96 meters (in comparison, the Statue of Liberty is 93 meters high). The bridge has a deep spiritual significance to the Navajos so that visitors are asked not to walk beyond the viewing area.

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Autumn’s Fire by dananaylorwalker

This is a composite image of several different shots taken at sunset at a local nursery. Their ornamental trees were in such brilliant colors but were already losing their leaves while the rest of our area was just starting to turn colors. They were also in such perfect alignment making for some interesting shots and I couldn’t pass it up. So if life is about grabbing opportunity when you see it, that’s what I did with this! lol May your day be full of unexpected opportunity as well! 🙂 Hope you all enjoy and if you’re interested, you can follow other work on my Facebook page at

Dana Walker Studios.

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Majani by Citrum

Autumnal maple illuminated by a ray of sun.

Dear friends,
Thank you very much for your F & L, positive comments and constructive criticism.

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Glowing in morning light ! by Zahran_CR

Blue cheeked bee eater from Pakistan.

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Hope you like it 🙂
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Fall Wonder by LisaHolloway



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Monochrome Crystals by MacroUniverse

PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO WATCH IT WITH A BLACK BACKGROUND 🙂 One of my dandelion art images 🙂 If you like my macro images,dog portraits or landscape/seascape images,stay in touch 🙂 I wish you all a wonderful day and weekend 🙂

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