Toward the Red Mountain by everlookphotography

Mount Bruce
Karijini national park

This is the scene that greets you if you arrive at sunset at the gates of Karijini National Park – It was a great inspiration , until of course we got to the campsite dinner shelter and plague proportions of insects shared our dinner with us lol.

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The video;

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Afterglow by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys,

This is a very photographed spot and I’ve been in the mood lately to try some different edits from here. I don’t often push things out this far and to be honest I’m not even sure about it but it does look different! I like to explore all corners of post processing as you can see in my portfolio, this is the extreme of one of those corners 🙂


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Waderless by eyeofalens

I had Waders with me on my trip in the spring to Oregon
& used them quite a bit.
I wished I had them on this day when venturing to Abiqua Falls, as there were some other comps I would have really loved to explore …guess ill have to return ! : )

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Morning Piercer by eyeofalens

Morning Piercer
Im in a water mood at the moment & although it’s winter & grey & praying for some snow, I will be longing for some spring greens & water action …Oregon might well beckon again !
Columbia River Gorge has an abundance of waterfalls to keep one going for years on end..cant remeber what this one was called? & only stopped as I was walking pass & saw the sun shining through.
It was a challenge to capture with the spay, would have liked the sunstar a little smaller, but preferred this composition.

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Mesmerizing by scott140

Early morning on the Chagrin River, inside the South Chagrin Reservation of the Cleveland Metro Parks.
This is a section of the waterfall located near the Squaw Rock picnic area.
The patterns formed, as the water glides over the rocks, in this section of the falls always makes me stop and stare.

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Radiance by MaxFoster

“Radiance” – Spirit Falls, WA

Here is a shot from Spirit Falls, which has some of the brightest turquoise water I have seen. The falls are popular with kayakers, which is pretty crazy. Check out this video of several kayakers dropping it: Spirit Falls Kayakers

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