Where Ice Meets Fire by darkelfphotography

It took two attempts to see Kerlingerfjoll in Iceland in all its glory. First time we were thwarted by the weather but the second time it was just perfect. Fresh snow covered the upper parts and it looked absolutely stunning combined with the colour of the mountains and the blue sky. It is a place where the ice truly meets fire and the experience is wonderful.

I used the small hiking party as a human element in this scene to capture the true scale of the mountains and terrain.

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Standing Still by darkelfphotography

This must be just about the most photographed place in Iceland so naturally we had to get out there and I had capture it myself as well!

It is of course Kirkjufell – The Church Mountain – near the town of Grundarfjörður on the Snæfelnelss Peninsula.

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blue comes the morning by darkelfphotography

A cloudy and gloomy morning made for a contemplative blue hour shooting at the rock shelf in Kiama. I had to battle the rain and wind in search for the long exposures. Luckily I found a reasonably sheltered spot and this is the result.

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