Emerald by cwexplorationphotography

Nothing too crazy but here’s a more traditional shot of Emerald Falls in Gorton Creek down on the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. I’ve wanted to get a spring shot like this for a long time and manged to snag one while I was down shooting with Max Foster this past spring.

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Gorton Creek, OR

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Wild Forest by Pcoskun

While I have autumn colors on my mind, I also have the lush greens of Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge on my mind as well. This was one of the few non waterfall images I took while wandering around the gorge earlier this year. I loved how lush and vibrant this scene looked. The greens were as beautiful as I could have imagined and the mossy trees gave it a more wild feel. I didn’t have to hike a dozen miles off trail to find this spot, in fact, it was just a few steps off a short and scenic trail to a few gorgeous waterfalls.

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An Interview With a Waterfall by cwexplorationphotography

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Gorton Creek Falls is super limited composition wise so I decided to try something a bit outside the box after snagging some of the more traditional shots from the area. Here’s a more intimate view of a cross-section of the falls.

Gorton Creek Falls, OR

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Gorton Scramble by MaxFoster

“Gorton Scramble” – Gorton Creek, Columbia River Gorge, OR

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Here’s one more shot from Gorton Creek…I’m done with Gorton images for a while now! I wanted to get a clear shot of Emerald Falls that also included the falls/creek below, since I haven’t seen this angle before. There are a ton of Gorton shots out there though, so I probably just missed it.

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Verdant Submersion by Pcoskun

Gorton creek cascades down various drops and boulders in a short, but very scenic section of the Columbia river gorge. There were a few images if this location I had seen, all very similar in composition. I wanted to try something a little different, and I ended up liking the top of this waterfall that dropped into the lush green canyon. The angle of the cascades made a pretty good lead in I though. Another tricky perspective here, as I am only a few feet from a near twenty foot drop.

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Lift Off by Pcoskun

Gorton creek falls rises nearly 100 feet with another waterfall above plunging down nearly 50 feet. That upper waterfall is barely shown here, and it is quite hard to grasp the sense of scale in this image. It’s a pretty interesting scramble up boulders to this waterfall, and at first I did not find it impressive. In fact, I almost did not take my camera out as I sat and just listened to the roaring waters plunge to the ground. I was there though, and I figured I might as well try to capture a part of the moment. The falls and cascades reminding me of a rocket taking launch with the lower cascades appearing as the rocket boosters. The fallen logs made finding compositions pretty difficult, but after looking at the image over and over, they gave this wild feel to the seen. Almost an untouched landscape if you will showcasing that not every scene is perfectly landscaped for photographs. I am glad I was able to spend some time at these falls, because they really were pretty, and I didn’t have to deal with any crowds.

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Gorton Rush by MaxFoster

“Gorton Rush” – Gorton Creek Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

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The hike to Gorton Falls was a blast. Chris Williams and I set out midday after hiking to another falls early in the morning. Our legs were pretty burned up after the morning hike, but the scramble up to Gorton was more fun than strenuous. When you make it to the top of the canyon, Gorton seems to pop out of nowhere. It is almost entirely vertical and symmetrical. Although you can’t see it in this shot, the falls begins with a 49 foot drop above and continues to this main drop of 99 feet. It fills a small pool and then splits into the two lower tiers. The area is very compact, so compositions are fairly limited, but I wanted a simple shot to show off the symmetry of the falls anyway. Chris has a great abstract from here, as well.

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The Hourglass by cwexplorationphotography

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So I know that this location has been shot to death but I wanted to take Max Foster out here while he was visiting. I tried doing something a bit different from the normal landscape comp with this one. This is a stitched vertical pano of one of my favorite sections of the creek. I loved the way the water funneled between the two larger rocks and almost formed an hourglass shape at the bottom. Might have been done before, maybe not but any who hope you enjoy this one!

Gorton Creek, OR

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