Time Measured In Sand… by LiliaAlvarado

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Olga by IneseStoner

As our first shoot with Olga went down rather successfully, we decided that we just had to try another one. Wishing to grasp that Friday feeling, we headed up to a beautiful beach in the northern part of Latvia which was about an hour and a half’s drive from Riga. The weather in September is, for want of a better word, somewhat unpredictable, so we really prayed for bit of sun to see the out the day as the morning really did not start well with dull and rainy weather dampening our spirits. Fortunately, the weather forecast showed no rain in Vidzeme which was where we were heading and so we set of on our trek. My husband drove and in a couple of hours (it was Friday rush hour…) we arrived at our secluded beach. Thanking our lucky stars the sun was out in her full glory … yet nature always has the last laugh and she had whipped up a brisk wind which swept off of Baltic Sea. Rather unpredictably, we were standing in the middle of a sandstorm… It was difficult to keep our eyes open even for a couple of seconds. And so we sought shelter (with photographic potential of course…) and found a small cave in the cliffs about 2 meters above the shoreline. With a little huff and puff we assisted Olga along with her stunning pink gown in a slightly undignified manner up onto her perch. Now this posed another issue as I needed to also be level and so I hopped on my husband’s shoulders and managed to reel of a few decent shots. I cannot even fathom to think how we must of looked like in the middle of this windstorm, with me balancing on my husband’s shoulders and Olga hiding in a cave… but there weren’t many other fanatics out on the beach at this time so we just got on with it. We had a whale of a time! Fortunately the wind calmed down in an hour or so and we were able to move around take some more shots around this wonderful setting.

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Empress by JessicaDrossin

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Enchanted by LisaHolloway


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