“Incoming” (at 6 Mile Bend) by MarkMetternich

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You are looking about 1500 feet (457.2 meters) down into a canyon and at an incoming mega monsoon electrical storm, about 3 miles (5 kilometers) away just before it slams into 6 Mile Bend. I hardly had time enough to pull off about 4 series of bracketed exposures before having to run for cover.

A friend of mine leads fishing tours down below and next years “Chasing Monsoon Light” Workshops may include an extra day touring the lower canyon below. 

Single Exposure

Sony A7R2

Canon 11-24@11mm


200 ISO

1/160th sec

Lightning Trigger

Minimal Adjustments


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The full story for those who may be interested:

After spending several weeks in this location scouting and shooting, looking for some special locations and dramatic conditions, I was half way down in the canyon (the canyon here is about 1200 -1500 ft) when I heard a very deep rumbling sound in the far distance. I paused for a moment to see if it would repeat. After it did, I checked the wind direction and then I knew another potentially violent thunderstorm could be on the way. The real question was if I could climb all the way out of the canyon in time to get back to my preferred composition and then to my rig so I could take much needed shelter. 30-40 minutes later, as I reached my rig, armageddon was just beginning to approach the area. My impulse was to dive into my rig (especially after being knocked down by lightning a week earlier on the North Rim) but the other part of me knew there may be an unusual photo opportunity to be had. With my gear on my back, I ran several hundred yards including some modest scrambling to this position and I was greeted with a scene that honestly intimidated me. This monster storm you see (at about 2 miles away – in this photo) was heading straight toward me and I knew it would be on top of me in a minute or two. With my lightning trigger on my cameras hot shoe mount, I set up in less than 45 seconds, shot off about a dozen images, including several lightning strikes, then I RAN back to my rig and dove into it as fury slammed the area.

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Temples of Light by Pcoskun

This is an older image from perhaps my favorite trip to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. There was just something about this evening that provided me with some of the most memorable and dramatic light I could recall. Interestingly enough, there was never a crazy sunset that lit the entire sky. Just this very brief window where the ridges and temples towards the north rim of the canyon lit up in crimson hues. I remember posting an image of this moment back then (2013), but I totally forgot I had taken a series of frames that puts the sunlit sections in a nice arrangement. The low clouds slightly obscuring the left ridge and right temple leaving the brightest and most vibrant butte in the center. The varied hues of the canyon really added to the dreamlike atmosphere here. Almost the type of scene you might see in Lord of the rings or something like that. Anyways, with some new updated adjustments and going with more of my current style I decided to share this one. Also, since it is a winter scene (albeit kinda foreboding) I figured it would be a good time to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of my followers! Thank you so much for your support over the years, it means a ton!

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Mather point sunset storm by Nordhaug-photography

The first time I visited the south rim of Grand Canyon, weather was grey and wet. As I checked into a nearby hotel, a summer-storm approached with thunder and lightning. After a quick meal I drove to mather point and was totally awestruck by the vastness of this magnificent place. It is true as they say, absolutely nothing can prepare you for Grand Canyon! I walked back and forth between Mather and Yavapai points, searcing for a good composition. A light rain in the air blurred out some of the canyon as the storm over north rim faded away. I got a few ok shots, but the conditions were difficult. However, as sunset closed in, a crack in the skies allowed for some direct sunlight in the canyon and a rainbow appeared for a few minutes in the tail-end of the storm. My position wasn’t ideal but I kept running back and forth and photographed frantically. When I came back to the hotel I had over 100 shots, which is very much for me in a little over an hour. When I later started to process them I was somewhat disappointed as most of them were grey and dull, and they have been hidden on one of my harddrives until now. I sat down and started to process a few of them the other day, and managed to bring forward some of the magic I felt that late june afternoon last year. This is a composite of several shots, to compensate for the difficult light-conditions and bring forwards the details in my experience. I am now working on several other exposures from this session, some of them with a far better rainbow, and I will see what I can make out of it. Hope you like it, have a terrific evening!

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Sunrise – Winter Canyon by PatKofahl

This is why I get up in the morning. This canyon, this wonder, this geologic marvel, six million years in the making, has been waiting for me. Patiently, stoically, without rancor or judgement, secure in the knowledge that one day in the far-distant future (or the far-distant past, it really doesn’t matter) our paths would intersect. They have, and they will. My job was easy. I simply had to be prepared.

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Vermilion Colors of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

A must stop on our IT, the famous Horseshoe bend. Spent a couple of days in Page Arizona for antelope canyon and this iconic location. Horseshoe bend is located along HW89, just few minutes south of Page AZ. Thirty minute walk from the parking lot, a grand and majestic view awaits!

Classic sunburst sunset shot, nailed it! 😉 First time to see so much visitors plus a looooot of photographers with tripods lined up on the edges of the lookout point waiting for the sun to set. Amazing!!

We decided to check this place out again on a sunrise. Strange that we were the only ones there morning. Either this place is not known to be shot on sunrise or everybody’s still enjoying their beauty sleep. lol!

The 25% cloud cover forecast turned into 80% Woooot! So here’s something from that awesome morning, enjoy!

**View in black**

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The Beginning of the End by DaniloFaria

“Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick, to start from scratch once again.” Bikram Choudhury
Last grasp for sun shining through clouds at the Grand Canyon National Park after a storm. Thank you all so much for your feedback and visits, I appreciate it very much! 🙂

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Nightfall at horseshoe bend by NickPage

I discovered that are a few reasons you dont normally see night shots from horseshoe bend, first of all its super spooky. Its so dark , and cuddling up to the cliff is pretty tough when you cant see where the edge even is. Secondly its very very dark, to do this right I should have got my foreground during twilight, but I wanted to “keep it real” This is a 7 shot pano using a 24mm rokinon.

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