In Between by GreggB

Here is another shot of Tetons. This place isn’t far from the place I shot my last image at. I liked the trees (in the foreground) sort of surrounding the mountains and pointing towards it. This was shot way before the sunrise, so mountains haven’t been yet illuminated by the sun. Still, I think they look beautiful and very photogenic the way they are.

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Sunrising Moon by GreggB

Here is one I was a bit lucky to capture, I have to admit.
I was waiting for a sunrise and the “good light”, and noticed this huge Moon setting behind the mountain. I zoomed in and shot the scene at 500mm (hence the giant size of the Moon’s surface). At first I really didn’t pay attention to the Moon because it was too high and too small, and I was after the entire mountain range, not just a fragment of it. But, with the Moon low and giant in size, and with some orang-y color in the mountain peaks the scene became more appealing to me. Now I think it’s a great shot 🙂

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Focused by GreggB

This magnificent fox fellow was following me around for a few minutes inside the Grand Teton Park. I guess he wanted me to give him some food. He was actually hunting ducks in a near by pond, but they were faster, this time.
He was around 5 feed away from me when I took this shot. Isn’t he (or maybe she, I don’t know) the cutest thing? Just look at these cat like eyes. Mesmerizing, aren’t they?

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Symmetry! by mohanram22

A calm section of snake river just past the oxbow bend turnout with the morning light bouncing of the glorious aspen groves that add in for a beautiful foreground.

I personally love the symmetry of the ranges on either sides and the reflections!

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Ignite The Flame by eyeofalens

Ignite The Flame
The Tetons reignited my flame a few years back on a 2 weeks trip to Wyoming & Utah. This was one crazy evening that just seemed to go on forever.

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