Fire and Ice by Michael_DeWitt

Another image from a very, very late season trip to the sea caves on Sand Island in the Apostles on Lake Superior, WI one windy and snotty afternoon a couple years ago. My buddy has photos of me making this image, getting battered by the waves as I balanced on a sandstone ledge. Good times 🙂

Unfortunately, this arch didn’t survive the winter that year. We found it collapsed the next spring, another victim of the ice.

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guidance by blumwurks

fear no more…you will make it through the storm and turbulent waters.

Duluth, Minnesota USA

guidance | Matthew Blum

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Split Rock 105th Birthday by morganpt

July 31st was the 105th year celebration of Split Rock Lighthouse’s birthday. Though not taken on it’s birthday, this was it’s birthday weekend!!! This image is several long exposure stitched images, which lends itself to some interesting light / color differentials. I hope you like it!!!

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Apocalyptic Blue Moon by morganpt

This blue moon in Duluth, Minnesota ‘apparently’ is a premonition for the end of the world. Despite this ‘news’ I’m feeling pretty good about my first ever night in Minnesota:

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Breezy Leaves by morganpt

In the face of an oncoming storm, this tree in Port Clinton remained steadfast. Actually, it only shook a little during this long exposure!!

Definitely best viewed with a black background and large, so please press H then M!!

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A Study in Bokeh by morganpt

I prepared this image to demonstrate the differences between front and rear bokeh. So this is a shot focusing 60mm f2.4 lens at infinity and on the flower at the same place. It was fun enough where I thought I’d share as a point of interest, rather than as a beautiful product.

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