12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia by drjhnsn

The 12 Apostles, okay, not really 12, there never were actually 12, but it sounded better. I think there were only 9 and one collapsed in 2005 so there are only 8 now.

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sunshine sprinkler ! by vinayakadkoli

i wasn’t too optimistic of getting the image i was hoping for, given that the weather forecast for the day predicted an overcast sky with traces of rain. Nevertheless, this was the only day i had in my kitty and after driving down to Campbell National park, i was disappointed that i couldn’t climb down Gibson steps beach, something that i really wanted to compose, as the beach was closed for public owing to rough seas.
As we went down the 12 Apostles observatory deck, literally there was a silver lining on the clouds as a beam of sunshine made it’s way just when i got my camera out. I had recompose my shot to get this into the scheme of things and after a few trials got the long exposure on the sea and the rocks perfectly blend into the frame.
Overall, a satisfactory output 🙂

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The Green Key by everlookphotography

Wreck Beach
Great Ocean Road

Funky rock formations at this amazing spot on the Ocean Road coastline. I wish I had 14mm here!

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Hopeless Wanderer by TrentBlomfield

My last visit to this incredible waterfall was a few years back. I’d only just taken up photography then. And I’d seen images from this place and thought ‘I have to go’. It was pretty epic then (still is). Unfortunately, that visit led to my camera getting submerged in water.

Returning to Hopetoun was something I’d wanted to do for some time. I just never managed to get there. I had a few days with a hire car recently, so took advantage of the blue skies to get into the Otway Ranges.

This has probably been done a thousand times before. And well probably be done a thousand times more before I revisit. But oh well, it was the spot I saw best there and well, I rolled with it.

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