Rhododendronpark by BassemElyoussef

The Rhododendronpark in Germany .
This picture was taken with about 5 minutes shutter speed … Using a strong big light inorder to light the bride and the trees with it … and while we move with the light source …we need to cover the lens with a black hat to inorder to hide the lightline which appears through moving … .
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Morning Piercer by eyeofalens

Morning Piercer
Im in a water mood at the moment & although it’s winter & grey & praying for some snow, I will be longing for some spring greens & water action …Oregon might well beckon again !
Columbia River Gorge has an abundance of waterfalls to keep one going for years on end..cant remeber what this one was called? & only stopped as I was walking pass & saw the sun shining through.
It was a challenge to capture with the spay, would have liked the sunstar a little smaller, but preferred this composition.

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Mirrored Beauty by MaxFoster

“Mirrored Beauty” – Elowah Falls, OR

Here’s a new one from Elowah Falls in Oregon. First saw this rock pool in Marc Adamus’ “Catching Pool.” Elowah may be a well known falls, but it is still one of my all time favs. I was blown away at the size of it when I first saw it, and the spray it kicks up is crazy. Speaking of Marc Adamus, I am looking forward to his Canadian Rockies workshop this coming January. Should be awesome!

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Hidden Jewel by MaxFoster

“Hidden Jewel” – Columbia River Gorge, OR

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Here is a shot from the Mossy Grotto in the Columbia River Gorge. Chris was behind me getting his killer shot Weeping Grotto, if you haven’t seen it check it out. Definitely one of the coolest shots from this location.

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Lovin Autumn by JackyParker