Tulip Stairs …. by godwithme

Recently, I have reviewed my B&W shots for the Facebook B&W Challenge , many friends seem love this Stairs very much … Before I go to the trip , I upload this shot because I really want to know…. my old shot taken by i phone 4 when I didn’t have DSLR… How many friends will love it ? in the condition of… I seldom chance to vote now & few friends upload …… ๐Ÿ™‚
I remember that day , the light is great , I just few seconds to take as some people will pass this main entrance of the museum , I have taken 2 or 3 shots at last . I didn’t have plan to take this shot as I didn’t know this famous Stairs located there ๐Ÿ™‚ I know the detail can’t compare the professional camera… but the light is Right … I think .
I have adjusted the light a bit of this shot & changed the direction of the Stairs . Enjoy !

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Help! I’m Seeing Double! by GiuseppeTorre

This happens when you try to compose a photo lain down on the floor and the geometry over your head is hypnotic; Tulip Stairs, From the Queen’s House, London.

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Going Spiral II by roliketto

If you are in London city and you are into an architectural photography, make sure you visit Greenwich, absolutely gorgeous place packed with beautiful interiors and exteriors such as painted hall, small chapels, gardens and of course spiral staircase(s).

If not our new Canonโ€™s 11-24 lens we would not be able to capture this spiral staircase, since it is jammed in a really small space and it is almost impossible to get close enough or to use a tripod.

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Eye of the storm by lishengo

Abstract architecture in London: Greenwich

[Picture note: This is the Tulips staircase in the Queen’s house in Greenwich, I’ve seen a few versions of this and decided to take it at a slightly different angle, and now it looks like a vengeful eyelid :D]

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