The luscious Grotto by StefanHefele

“The luscious Grotto” – Azores

There are still locations that are not mentioned in the (German) tourist guides but are definately worth a visit. I was thrown back into the Columbia River Gorge as I entered this green cathedral. Lush, green, mossy and everywhere sounds of nature around me. One of my favourite natural landscapes to take photos beside mountains.

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Hidden Jewel by MaxFoster

“Hidden Jewel” – Columbia River Gorge, OR

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Here is a shot from the Mossy Grotto in the Columbia River Gorge. Chris was behind me getting his killer shot Weeping Grotto, if you haven’t seen it check it out. Definitely one of the coolest shots from this location.

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Mossy Falls by blurrr001

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Getting ready and excited for fall color, but looking back at spring and all the great photo opportunities I had this year. This shot is from the Columbia River Gorge. A secret spot that in all reality really isn’t all that secret, depending on what circles you run in, but it is for the most part unconventional to the other shots of this area. One of the guys I was with found this spot so I can’t take credit for the find but I think we both came out with unique versions even though we shot nearly the exact same spot. The Hike getting here is a story for another time…

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Sunrise Selfie at Quarry Lake by ryan_kole

The other week, I forced myself out of bed… To think… I almost slept through this…

My camera was mounted to my demonic tripod… I don’t often take selfies… Can anyone really blame me? It was a great way to start my days off and any morning in general really!

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Misty Sunrise by ryan_kole

This is another one I took last week… It was a great way to start my day and days off. It truly was an amazing sunrise at Quarry Lake in Canmore.

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Good Morning by ryan_kole

Fresh from my memory card…

First off, I am very thrilled to have woken up at 5:36am. This is why haha. This is Quarry Lake in Canmore.

It was a great way to start the day and my days off!

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Misty Sunrise Black and White by ryan_kole

This is another one from sunrise the other day.

This is Quarry Lake in Canmore. For obvious reasons, I was obsessed with that ominous looking cloud haha. I remain quite happy with the decision to drag myself out early haha.

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Secret Grove by MajeedBadizadegan

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This waterfall is tucked away in the Columbia River Gorge. It’s not a recognizable fall to most. It’s often photographed by landscape photographers, but it’s difficult to get to, and the environment is fragile.
I was inspired to work on this image after spending some time canyoneering through some deep Oregon wilderness in a different part of the state, on the Quartzville creek. Without the proper equipment and ability, it is not possible to access some of the locations in that area. It was incredible to see nature untouched and pristine. So many famous locations take some serious abuse as they increase in popularity and see more traffic.

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Behind the Grotto by cwexplorationphotography

Hey everyone! I decided to write an opinion piece on my Website about social media and effect it has on landscape photography as an art and a community I would be curious to hear what you guys think!

I chose this photo because I think it exemplifies several of the points I touched on in the article and serves as a prime example for them. After all who doesn’t love a spring Gorge shot?! Thanks for taking the time to read it! Here’s a behind the scenes look at my buddy Max Foster doing his thing at the Mossy Grotto.

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