Tail up ! by Zahran_CR

White capped redstart from Pakistan.

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Hope you like it 🙂
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Come Play by DebbieTubridy

As with all young, polar bear cubs couldn’t be more adorable. They’re so curious and inquisitive and clumsy as they roll around in the snow … kicking their legs, tossing up in the air whatever they can find. Like our own children, it doesn’t take a fancy toy to entertain these guys. 🙂

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Finally found my peanut…. by hjbh2

Scene of a squirrel with a peanut at a bokeh background in autumn, Netherlands.

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Moorland in the Veluwe. by Julia700702

Autumn, foggy morning in the national park the Veluwe, Netherlands.

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Kiss me baby between white foam blanket by Andrea_Izzotti

Patagonia sea lion portrait while kissing on the beach (with the baby voyeur ;=)

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