Timeless Crossing by Rich_Devant

This nineteenth- century machine shop, sits along the Brandywine Creek in Wilmington, Delaware. It harnesses power first invented in the 1890’s. And enough hydropower today to take it off the electrical grid. Thereby, reducing its carbon footprint , and enhancing sustainability into the future.

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The Commuter by RobDickinson

3rd September 2010.

The day before the 7.1 earthquake. It seems a very long time ago now. We thought we had dodged a bullet. Got lucky, the worst had happened and no one died.

Now a new Christchurch is slowly rising from the rubble, but these things take time. I live in the east, our roads are still shot, our local supermarket will reopen next month, but there are heaps of great new places to go, and the community spirit is strong.

Kia Kaha Christchurch.

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Unavoidable Fireworks by Rich_Devant

One of the hardest parts of capture fireworks is making sure you know which way the wind blows. Even so, sometimes it can still be unavoidable but, can add tons of atmosphere. As was the case here, the announcer said , ” rain or shine the fireworks show will go on.” I call this one.. Unavoidable Fireworks.

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Neon Dandelions by Rich_Devant

I captured these fireworks with a long exposure in the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Taken on the grounds of the historic Hagley Museum. Known for their gunpowder..this display looks like Neon Dandelions.

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V for Victory by Rich_Devant

This is another long exposure of fireworks on display the other night in the city of Wilmington , Delaware. It was my first time shooting fireworks, and i’m pretty pleased with the results. Taken on the grounds of the historic Hagley Museum. …V for Victory!

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