The Market Hall in Rotterdam by StehouwerandRecio

The Market Hall in Rotterdam

The Market Hall is located in Rotterdam centre in the part that is called the Blaak area.
Rotterdam the dutch city of architecture and therefore the Rotterdam Market Hall design is cutting edge with the shape of a giant airplane hangar.
The interior of the Rotterdam Market Hall is one-of-a-kind due to the huge colourful panels on the walls and ceiling, depicting lots and lots of fruit. The front and back entrance of the Market Hall is made draught-proof by means of a huge glass facade. The indoor Market Hall in Rotterdam is multifunctional, as it offers an underground car park and luxurious apartments.
During the construction of the Market Hall of Rotterdam, many old remains of the medieval forerunner of the city of Rotterdam, called Rotta, were excavated. These finds (chandeliers, pots, kettles) are exhibited at the escalators. The deeper you go, the older the objects get.
There’s no such thing as good weather guarantee in the Netherlands, so if you still want to have that market feeling on a rainy day, the Market Hall will make your day. Seven days per week! On the ground floor you’ll find over 100 market booths with fresh vegetables, fresh fish, flowers, plants and other specialties. 

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